How To Apply Your Vinyl

Applying vinyl lettering and graphics is quite straight forward as long as you take your time and prepare well.

  • Clean the surface first. Use mild detergent or degreaser if necessary.
  • Think about where you are going to position the sticker and be confident you can get it level. If in doubt use pieces of masking tape along the top edge of the sticker to get a trial position. You can draw a pencil line across the top of the letters and then use a spirit level to get it true.
  • Peel off the backing paper making sure you hold the sticky vinyl away from the surface until ready to fix it down. If the vinyl does not come off the backing paper then lay the sticker face down and roll the backing paper off – peeling it back on itself rather than away from the vinyl.
  • Sticking down the vinyl is done from the top edge using a squeegee, credit card or similar flat edge to work down the graphic eliminating any bubbles. You can just use a finger if you are careful!
  • Don’t stretch the vinyl or you’ll get a crease.
  • To make the vinyl permanent press down from the centre outwards.
  • Finally you can remove the transfer film – don’t pull upwards or you may lift the vinyl too; just tease it away from one edge until fully clear, pulling the film back on itself.


  1. Your vinyl will be at full strength a couple of days after application and is best applied in temperatures of 10 degree Celsius or higher. Application in low temperatures will affect adhesion.
  2. With long graphics it is best to stick a piece of tape all along the top edge to fix the whole sticker to the surface, so it acts like a hinge. Then cut upwards between the words to the hinge. Remove the backing paper and apply each one individually.
  3. Wet method: you can apply vinyl to a wet surface, useful if you need to re-position it.