What we do

Here at Rowing Vinyl we make all sort of products, not just ones for rowers. Here is a quick overview of the kinds of products that we can make:

Custom Graphics

Using our 2,400 dpi eco-solvent printer we can print any design onto vinyls suitable for all sorts of applications, including medium and long-term outdoor use, static-cling vinyls for temporary window displays and perforated vinyls for longer term window displays.

For designs which only require a small number of colours we can cut them from the range of premium cast and calendered vinyls that we use. These vinyls have an outdoor lifespan of 8+ years and are suitable for even marine environments – this makes them perfect for creating logos and text for vehicles and boats.

These products are perfect for adding a personal touch to a boat, car or van, or for promoting your business.

Clothing and Clothing Transfers

We have created a range of t-shirts and hoodies with our own unique designs, but we can also make custom clothing and clothing transfers for our customers too. All you need to do is send us the design we will make it for you, we can even apply it to t-shirts and hoodies for you.

Wedding Decorations

We have a wide range of products suitable for personalising your special day or creating unique gifts. Our vinyl decals are perfect for use in creating Order of Service pallets, table names and numbers, signs, display boards, card holders and many more.

The vinyl used is perfect for outdoor use, is dishwashable and should last for many years so after the big day you can keep the items you made as a memento. If the item you would like is not listed in the shop please send us an email with your design.